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2020-2021 - 7 Hour National USPAP Class
This class is approved by BOTH the DFI & the Arizona Department of Real Estate for 7 Hrs of CE Credit
The Zoom class is not approved for RE Credit.

The In-Person Class is also approved for Washington & Nevada and is accepted in California.

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PRICED BELOW online courses offered and there are no quizzes or exams.

Joanna Conde, the instructor, provides free consulting to her USPAP students on USPAP questions throughout the 2 years following their attendance at class.

She is there to help you if you get a Complaint filed in Arizona. This service is seldom provided by other instructors.

Good changes have been made (Yes, really!) and the format of the class has been changed for more student participation & much less lecture.

Classes are scheduled where lunch can be eaten onsite so that class time can be reduced by nearly an hour. Good food, good fellowship, good price!

Click on the links below for more information & to Register

May Classes
ZOOM CLASS - Monday, May 11
Sun City - Wednesday, May 20
Scottsdale - Wednesday, May 27
June Classes
Sun City - Wednesday, June 17
Scottsdale - Wednesday, June 24
July Classes
Sun City, Wednesday, July 22
Scottsdale, Wednesday, July 29
August Classes
Sun City, Wednesday, August 19
Scottsdale, Wednesday, August 26
Refund Policy
Refund Policy for AASAC Classes: Full refund 5 days prior to class if email notice sent to 4 Days and after, credit will be applied to another class. No shows on Day of Class with no notice - No refund and payment not applied to another class.
Any Questions or Concerns, Please call or text Joanna Conde at 602-908-5889.
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2020-21 - 7 Hour National USPAP Update Classes

Finally a Blog that will answer USPAP questions & remind you of USPAP requirements in short, easy to understand language.


Click here to go to our new blog: USPAP in Real Life Appraising

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